Calling all runners


April 9, 2010 by 8junebugs


This running thing continues. Every other day, I get up early and run for 30 minutes (31, if you count the first level of cooling down, which I do at my slooow running pace). Generally, I do 5 to 10 minutes at 3.5 mph, then go to 3.6. I work in 5 to 10 minutes at 4.0 mph and always end with 2 minutes at that pace. It’s sort of intervally, but not too structured.

These days, I usually set the program to random hills. It’s less boring. I know I could take it outdoors, where the view changes, but I like the structure of the treadmill. I listen to music when I run and I always want to run with the beat of whatever song is playing. I can control that better on a treadmill. Because I still have no desire to run fast.

Now that this has become a serious habit (as in, running days are always better than non-running days), I want to hear from y’all:

What’s your favorite gear? Shoes, pants, sports bras…whatever (actually, especially sports bras — losing weight means mine fit less well, so owie). I do buy running shoes from running stores, I promise — they test them and fit them properly (except for that last pair). I’m just curious, and I’m going to be switching up soon.

What’d you do to your knees/hips/feet? I know a lot of people who’ve “blown out” their knees, and I want to know how it happened. If I may be so blunt, please tell me what happened to you so I can try to avoid it. Right now, everything’s fine. I’d like to keep it that way. I know there’s only so much I can do…but I also know at least one marathon runner who’s managed to keep her knees, and that gives me hope.

How often do you run, and for how long? I’m getting to the point where I want to add time, but I may correlate any responses here to injury stories. Adding time is problematic — I’m a morning runner and I’m already in my building’s fitness room half an hour before it’s technically open (management is aware and it’s all at-your-own-risk anyway). Adding time means getting up earlier, which I could do…except that’d mean actually enforcing the early bedtime I’m not observing these days.

Well? What ya got?


2 thoughts on “Calling all runners

  1. Val says:

    That’s awesome – I’ve never had the get up n’ go to jog 1st thing in the AM. I do the best I can to do it on my lunch hr.
    Greetings fellow turtle – in 20+ yrs of on-again, off-again jogging, I’ve never been even CLOSE to fast…
    [Funny that in my last half-marathon 4 wks ago – which I hardly trained for! – I virtually matched my time in my 1st one 4.5 yrs ago, which I DID train much more vigorously for…]
    I don’t have any helpful hints: Asics are the shoes that fit me best, but I’ve had hell w/plantar fasciitis & heel spurs on my ol’ flat feet. [I go to see my podiatrist 3 or 4 times/yr & get inj’s] I love my lil’ Diaspora running skirt & Thor-lo socks; other than that I don’t get too technical w/my gear. Oh, & I have a double-layer Land’s End fleece jacket that has saved my a$$ on a few cold occasions (cycling or jogging). But mostly I too, jog indoors on a TM. I keep to an every-other day schedule as well as I can, so that averages out to 3X/wk – usually 35 min but 45 min if I’m lucky!

    • 8junebugs says:

      Hey, Val! You know, I used to work out in the afternoon, after work, when I was 20 or so. I belonged to a Linda Evans Fitness Center, which was right by my office, and my energy had more staying power then. (I really miss that gym–ladies only, and ladies of ALL shapes and sizes. It was awesome.)

      I would like to be able to run any old time–I think, with a different commute/work/school schedule, I could be a little more flexible with my runs. For now, though, that’s the time when I’m most likely to capitalize on the endorphins…and least likely to choose a glass of wine and a movie instead! 😉

      Also: Thorlos are the cat’s pajamas. No question.

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