SEO Lesson


April 9, 2010 by 8junebugs

How people have been landing here this week:

losing weight icons

I’m not one of those.

Or did you mean icons like clever graphic images used for wayfinding in print and online? I’m not one of those, either. May I suggest a tiny scale or measuring tape?

how to know if you have a cavity

Go to a dentist. If your tooth hurts enough that you think you have a cavity, a cavity might be getting off easy.

tooth filling

Dude, I got those. Lots of those. If you googled this because you’ve never had one and now you have to have one and you’re scared, chill — it’ll be over before you know it. Just do yourself this one favor: Tell that masked driller to numb you up to your eyeballs. Too much novocain is way better than the alternative. LEARN FROM MY PAIN.

jennifer gingras

Greetings! How may I help you? Just so you know, there’re a bunch of us, so…this should tell you enough that you’ll know if I’m the jennifer gingras you’re looking for.

why do dentist put silver teeth

Like, fillings, caps, or grillzzzz? Actually, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know from caps or grillzzzz. But if a dentist tries to set you up with a silver filling, find a new dentist. Find mine, actually — he’s the bomb (although I don’t know if he offers grillzzzz).

I feel a little bad for catching all these hits on dental hygiene searches — so not what you can reasonably expect to find here. Sorry, dentists!

(If you’d like to optimize your own sites for search, though, my rates are pretty reasonable…)


2 thoughts on “SEO Lesson

  1. elizabeth says:

    It always gave me a laugh to see the random searches that got people to my blog. With Typepad, it doesn’t seem to show that automagically so my days of laughing are over.

    Clearly you are well optimized for searching! (You should find a dentist who wants to partner with you and recommend him/her for a reasonable fee. 😉

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