To Do: Last weekend of April


April 24, 2009 by 8junebugs

Looking at the forecast for this weekend, it seems like Mother Nature has come to her senses…or is tied up in a toolshed somewhere while some other, less volatile, mythical thing-doer takes matters in hand.

Either way.

I’ve got a long list for this weekend, but it’s mostly a fun one:

It’s the last weekend before the Avon Walk, and I do need to get in some training. Not hardcore training — not that I’ve been doing much of that anyway — but a good 20 miles over two days would do it. I will wear sunscreen.

Avon-related, I need to make sure I’ve got everything I need for the overnight, and that it’ll all fit in a duffle (or attach to it somehow). I don’t need much — sleeping bag, yoga mat, and pillow; towel and assorted toiletries (it’s Avon — they have stuff there if I don’t want to bother); lounge clothes that double as pjs; and clothes for Day 2. Maybe a deck of cards and a book…the point of the overnight in the “Wellness Village,” though, is to socialize and sleep, so bringing a book misses the point.

In spite of a friend’s mom’s excellent advice to never plant anything outdoors before Mother’s Day, I think some of my seedlings are ready for primetime. The zucchini and cucumber will go out this weekend, and maybe the sunflowers. I remain concerned about the dearth of direct sunlight, but there’s been enough for the seedlings to prosper, so…I am also hopeful.

I’m finally ready to complete the Seasonal Clothing Swap. I’ve had a bin of spring/summer clothes hauled out since the first real thaw, and I’ve been snagging things from it here and there, but I need to make a break with winter and switch up the shorts and the sweaters.

Weather and schedules permitting, a couple of us will play nine holes on Sunday afternoon. I hope the weather and schedules come through — I’ve been doing the driving range thing for a couple of years, but never gotten out on an actual course.

Okay, it’s only Haines Point, but it’s close enough for this beginner. 🙂


One thought on “To Do: Last weekend of April

  1. Alicia says:

    Don’t buy more dirt before you talk to me. I think I have an extra bag.

    If I want to plant anything else I’m going to have to start pulling up grass.

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