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February 16, 2009 by 8junebugs

Awww. 🙂


may have giggled like a little girl when these showed up on Valentine’s Day.

As unAmerican as it sounds, I don’t much care about celebrating Valentine’s Day. I mean, I can remember dumping at least one guy for not knowing it was Valentine’s Day, but we were, like, 12, and it was just a convenient reason.

Because he was kind of a turd.

G and I had a champion Valentine’s Day fight once, years ago, but I’m pretty sure it was less about flowers and candy than about general growing pains and the stress of living with my mom, however temporarily.

Since then, I’ve come to terms with what I actually need from another person, and candy and flowers didn’t make the list. See, I’ve been in relationships that met all the traditional criteria — I’ve gotten the flowers and the candy and the Hallmark cards. I tend to have flowers around fairly frequently anyway…I’m a big fan of picking up a random bouquet at Trader Joe’s whenever I feel like it. I’m picky about candy and always trying to eat less of it, so that’s kind of a waste of money. And there isn’t much Hallmark can say that I can’t see in the other person’s eyes.

Unless it’s not there to begin with.

Maybe that’s what makes these even sweeter…not expecting or needing to receive them. Or that three simple roses make me think of our past, present, and future.

Either way, I’m still smiling.


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