The training plan

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February 17, 2009 by 8junebugs

I’ve got about 10 weeks to train, I’m carrying more weight than I’d like, and it’s freaking cold outside.

Icy cold. We might even get a little snow tomorrow morning.

So. How am I going to do this?

Well, let’s start with a modified version of the 12-week training plan for the full 39.3 miles:


Week 2 = this week. The only problem with this week, other than freakin’ wind, is that I’ll be out of town for a couple of days and less sure of the mileage I can rack up. I’ll do my best and I’ll have some furry company for some of the miles…but it’s still a vacation and I’d rather not spend it on ice and ibuprofen.

I am not positive that I’ll be ready for the 39.3. But I consider anything above 26.2 a win, and I know that training for the 39.3 means I’ll be ready for that. My main concern, especially after 2007, is being able to walk and walk and walk, then get up and do it again the next morning.

Now. About the weight. Contrary to what you might think, the miles you see above don’t really translate into weight loss. I mean, they can… But being able to safely keep up a good pace is a higher priority than fitting into my skinny jeans — it’s a marathon, not a marathin.

Oh, come on. That was totally funny.

The point is that marathon walking takes energy, and energy comes from food. I will not be embarking on a traditional diet, but I will be focusing on foods that will keep me in good condition to walk a bazillion miles.

Which means no more M&Ms, but a less restrictive stance on popcorn.

I am not entirely sure how I’m going to make it through this without the now-verboten eggs — they’re such a great source of protein and whatnot when they’re not eating my intestines from the inside out. Ah, well. I’ll bide my time and eat more chicken.


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