How do I…

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January 13, 2009 by 8junebugs

…repot your Christmas cactus without killing it?

…add more dirt to your spider plant when the dirt is outside and needs to remain outside but it’s so goddamn cold I think your spider plant will die if I take it out there?

…install a freeze alarm in your house to the insurance people will continue to insure it?

…know when French toast is done?

…wash an LL Bean canvas tote?

…patch my jeans right at the corner of the back pocket?

…sew elastics to ballet shoes?

…sell a house?

…repair drywall?

…plan a container garden?

…sew a quilt?

…make a martini?

…know when?

File under: Things I Would Ask My Mom, If She Were Here.
She wouldn’t know the answers to at least half, but she’d answer them anyway.


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