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October 18, 2008 by 8junebugs

img_0683Yesterday, I was honored to attend the wedding of two good friends.

It was more wonderful than we could even have expected and reflected them as individuals and as a couple in every way (the golf cake to the right is a clever example). The day was perfect for an outdoor wedding — the foliage and deep blue of the autumn sky were a gorgeous backdrop for a much-celebrated union.


The words of wedding vows, no matter the denomination, tend to make me a little teary. This was no different — it’s easy to be happy for people who bring so much joy to each other, who so clearly belong together.

After the post-wedding brunch this morning, a couple of us stopped in to visit the Albert family, welcome Stephen, and play with Sabrina. I haven’t held a newborn in forever — I’d forgotten how tiny they are, even the good-sized ones. Photos to come, unless they make me look like I’m still afraid of babies.


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