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October 17, 2008 by 8junebugs

I goofed. I had this idea to send a little something to The Bride to remind her that her friends know that Planning A Wedding is hard and sometimes? Can suck a lot. She’ marrying a wonderful man who makes her so happy it’d make you puke, except that she deserves it. And so the little things that can go wrong with weddings — jewelry stuck at customs, for example — make my heart ache for her a little.

So I ordered 96 Mrs. Fields Nibblers from and had them delivered to, I thought, her hotel. But I characteristically did not have all of the information with me, and I gave the wrong hotel address.

But they were delivered! Before noon! Kudos to ProFlowers — really. But my friend did not get to enjoy them. 😦

I called the hotel that got the cookies, and they said, yes! They’re here! Yay! But we will not courier them over to the other location. Call FedEx, they said.

I hung up on them. I admit it.

I called FedEx, and they said, call ProFlowers — they can’t help a third party directly.

I may also have hung up on them. Sorry. But there’s chocolate involved. And also my honor.

I called and explained that I had goofed. I had given them the wrong hotel address and was hoping that, somehow, some way, they could get something to my friend before she walked down the aisle at 4 pm. Today.

(Yes, today. But I had to try.)

They were WONDERFUL. They can’t get anything there today, but they’re going to replace my order. They would have gotten it to the right hotel tomorrow, but there’s a brunch and I just don’t think they’ll stick around the hotel to long. And I don’t have their home address here. Anywhere.

I KNOW. I am so disappointed in me and my memory and my address book.

So there’s a note in my account that they’ve offered me a replacement. My current thought is that I will have them sent to her house when I recall the address, or have them sent here for a pre-honeymoon ladies’ night.

Thank you,, for not letting me suffer too much for my boneheadedness.


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