Geeking right the hell out

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August 12, 2008 by 8junebugs

Ladies and gents, if you need me, I’ll be exploring the Wild World of Office 2007. Though I have it on my personal laptop, I’ve not yet had a reason to play with it — because, at home? Snood is more enticing than spreadsheets.

So is quilting. And knitting. And Not Sitting In Front of a Freaking Computer AT ALL.

But my work laptop has been upgraded, and I have already squealed twice: once for the basic layout, which is all clean and webby, and once because some brainiac finally figured out that having the Attach File button right next to the Send button in Outl00k was ruining lives all over the business world.

Similarly, the Edit “button” in MS CMS (which is a link and not a button at all because the appplication is OLD AND BUSTED) is right above the Delete “button.”


(And MS CMS is no longer supported by the good people at MS…they done rolled it into MOSS 07. Why this is the bane of my existence and will likely make me bleed from the ears within the next six to 12 months is another post altogether.)


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