It doesn’t buy everything

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August 11, 2008 by 8junebugs

…but money does solve some problems quickly, with the help of the internets.

My mommy drinks a lot of 3nsure, the chalky old-people drink full of vitamins, full of goodness, and probably full of marrowbone jelly. That stuff can get a bit pricey and money’s tight when you lose two workdays a week to chemo. So she buys it at Wa1-Mart when she can get a ride to the nearest one — she’s not comfortable driving too far on her own.

Well, she’s running low on it, and the Prodigal Son was home this weekend with an ex-girlfriend I would be the last to chide him for dating. They announced they were going to Wa1-Mart and deliberately sidestepped her mention of needing to get over there to stock up. They did not offer to pick anything up for her. They brought home dinner for themselves.

Y’all, I was raised to not even buy a candy bar unless I was willing and able to buy one for whatever friend or relative was with me. If they were going to a movie or out to dinner or on, I don’t know, some kind of date, I would care less. But they went someplace she needed to go, didn’t get something she needs to keep up her weight and energy, and then ate dinner in front of her.

Wringing my brother’s neck being impossible at present and ineffective at best, I changed the conversation with Mom to the cost of 3nsure and how much she needs, then set up a recurring monthly delivery through Amazon that she doesn’t have to think about or pay for. I wish I’d thought of it sooner and not as a result of jackassery, but we don’t plan these things. And it did make her feel better…like someone cares about what she needs.

Thank you, internets, for making it possible to live here and take care of my mom when I am too far away and physically unable to put my brother through a wall.

Just after we set up the order, the new hat I sent her turned up in the mail, and she loves it — it’s her new Everyday Hat. So, all’s well that ends well, I guess, because she’s pretty pissed that her hair’s growing back in grey.


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