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May 5, 2008 by 8junebugs

Have you ever paid attention to the number of emails you exchange with any one person? Your admin, for instance. I tremble to think how many messages shoot across the server between us. Thank god for IM, at least internally. Having a Blackberry just makes it worse, because you know we’re all answering email when we should be dusting, shopping, or reading a good book.

Every now and then, in cleaning out and archiving your email, you might realize that, over the course of 19 days, you averaged more than, say, 45 emails per day with just one person. It’s not a bad thing, but who keeps track of that stuff? (Probably Paranoid Pete, our network security guru.)

No wonder we all get carpal tunnel syndrome.


Today marks the first day of working at my home office without lounging in my big poofy armchair. My desk is set up and my balance ball is my new desk chair. Three cheers for core strength!

I also need something inspiring for the wall in front of me. Below are the current frontrunners; FOCUS is my desktop,  but I would love to have the large print. (Right Brain Terrain, LLC — they’ve got stuff for everyone)


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