Twinkle Toes

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May 5, 2008 by 8junebugs

I am pleased to report that the nail salon in my building is more than adequate for my pedicure needs. Alicia and I had our tootsies done yesterday afternoon — purely for research purposes, of course — and I am satisfied.

I was a little irked when the tech caught a piece of callus and took off some skin that had planned to stick around. I twitched and there was a little bit of blood, but nothing serious. I have done as much at home with the same tool, so the only real problem was when some rubbing alcohol got in there by accident.


She was very, very sorry. And when we were drying our toes under the light that will probably give us toe cancer, she came over with first aid unguents and took care of my poor cracked-to-hell heel. There was an antiseptic and a neosporin-type gak to cover it up. After the antiseptic, though, she blew on my little wound to take the sting out.

I don’t care if that’s unsanitary. Even my mommy never blew on my booboos. I was touched.


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