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May 2, 2008 by 8junebugs


I just came home from a lovely grilled dinner with friends complete with one of my favorite salads — Alicia’s bread salad. The burgers were super, super fresh, made with ground beef from our new butcher. The corn, delicious. The puppy, loving and snuggly.

And now I’m at home with a bag of frozen corn molded around my left ankle to alleviate the pain of a nasty little twist. My loafers are a little roomy, I walk like a girl (the hip-swinging thing), and there was a curb. I don’t even have the excuse of intoxication. Just clumsiness.

It’s almost as if my body is giving me a better reason for not walking with my team tomorrow. It really wasn’t necessary, but I do appreciate the effort.

Good thing Goodwill didn’t get my old crutches, though, eh?



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