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May 2, 2008 by 8junebugs

Last year, along the Avon Walk route in DC, we met “mohawkman,” a dynamic guy who was walking for and with (as much as she could handle) his wife, Monica. If you were not fortunate enough to meet Monica, mohawkman had their story written out on his shirt, and we felt like we knew her after all.

We found out this this week that Monica succumbed in June 2007 after a long, difficult battle. Mohawkman will be there tomorrow, walking again in her honor and finding a way to bring her along the route with him. Below is his message to the DC walkers starting out tomorrow morning:

Pennies from Heaven – Watch for them DC!

mohawkman – 03:21pm Apr 30, 2008

DC Walkers,

Mohawkman here. Keep your eyes peeled for pennies painted with pink nail polish all along the walk. You may find them at event eve. You may find them in the port-a-potties. You may find them at lunch.

What’s with the pennies you may ask?

First some background. I lost my beautiful wife, Monica, to this b@stard demon on June 26, 2007 at the age of 42.

The 2007 DC Avon Walk was the last walk she ever participated in. Who would have thought that this radiant woman, so full of life, would succumb to this disease a month and a half after she walked briefly with me in the ’07 DC Walk.

To learn about our story, please go to:


Anyhow, back to the pennies. Long ago, when Monica and I started dating, there would sometimes be that awkward moment when silence indicated deep thought or confusion.

I would say to her, “A penny for your thoughts.” Last October, in Charlotte, I came up with the idea of leaving pennies all along the course. The intent was to let all of my fellow walkers that she was thinking of them as they trudged on. It was my desire to say thank you for all that they had done and all that you walkers will do in the future for women and men just like her.

Folks, you do not know what you did for Monica me and my boys. You gave us strength to fight on. You gave us hope. It is my way of showing you all my gratitude. It is my way of showing you that she remembers you and to think of her and the millions of other women and men who are fighting or have lost.

She will be looking down on you all on Saturday. Forget the rain. Think about how hard it is for anyone who has been stricken by this disease. Rain doesn’t stop them. They fight on in conditions far more harsh than we will ever see on this course.

Be safe… but be strong. It’s what she wants us all to be!

I love you all!


Not surprisingly, I am torn once again about my decision to hang back. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I will do this again next year…that I was able to make a contribution, even without walking. I will join my team for the start of the Walk tomorrow, secure and safe in the knowledge that they carry me with them, that their steps will help thousands.
And that, in the end, we’re all sisters. It doesn’t matter who lets the port-a-potty door close after lights out — we’re in this together, and that the only way to get out of it.

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