Alexander: 2 Years

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January 9, 2019 by 8junebugs

Dear Boo —
Happy birthday, little!

Lately, you have started referring to yourself as Alex/Alé and I’m not sure I’m ready for it, as much as I’ve worried about reinforcing your comfort with calling yourself “baby.” Everything — EVERY. LITTLE. THING. — is now met with, “Alé do it!”…including diaper changes.

It is also possible that you’re saying, “Little do it!” I do call you that a lot. Sorry, buddy. “Alé” is a result of our family becoming more fluent in Spanglish as Gray progresses through kindergarten; “Alejandro” frequently gets dropped to “Alé” because Mama knew an Alejandro with that nickname years ago. But yay for knowing your name in spite of us!

You are smart as a whip and you don’t miss a thing, kid. You have been working on understanding — and trying to enforce — our family routines, and woe to anyone who stands in your way. It’s been a hard time for that development, what with Mama’s surgery, the holidays, and two grandparent visits throwing routine out the window for much of the last three weeks. You loved walking down to “park…bears!” (Peralta park) and going to the Estuary while I’ve been on leave, but now we’re back to normal schedules.

Even so, you’ve been lonely without your playschool buddies and I know you’ll be thrilled to get back to school tomorrow.

You’ve really come into your own this year and you got a head start on age 2. Your will is indomitable. Your tantrums are fierce. You WILL be heard. (It is worth noting, since your brother seems like such a whirlwind with his strong emotions, that your tantrums put his to shame. TO SHAME.)

You also love twice as hard as you fuss, though. You have endless hugs for me and Daddy and “Big Gray,” but especially for Gray. Your night-nights usually include “loves”; if you forget, you have to get up and go back to make sure everyone gets their hug. And when I put you to bed, instead of saying “Me” (= yes) when I ask if you’re ready to snooze, you pull my arm up near your chin for “more loves.”

Ever since you could cruise around on the furniture, you’ve had a way of backing up to a lap (or any other place you intend to sit), plopping down confidently and with the express intention of sticking around a while. You still do this, and you are still, somehow, small enough to fold up and snuggle in between my lap and my chin, and there you’ll stay until your bucket is full.

Things you love:

  • Eating (seriously. everything.)
  • Being outside
  • Watching Paw Patrol and Umizoomi
  • Going anywhere with Mama
  • Doggies
  • Water (and water play)
  • Abby and Mama Coco from school
  • Chocolate treats
  • Snuggles, cuddles, loves, and “bunny kisses”
  • Bubble baths
  • Being naked
  • Anything your brother does with you or shares with you or leaves alone long enough to get stolen

Things you do not love:

  • Getting clean (baths are great, but washing hair sucks)
  • Your high chair
  • Inside-only days
  • Sleeping late
  • Fried eggs (you like them, rather than love them, which is how you feel about other foods)
  • Being told no

All in all, little dude, you are a joy and a treasure and a very loud, determined toddler. We love you, baby!



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