Pupdate: I smellz change

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December 4, 2012 by 8junebugs

Rodey_112912 something iz going on, you guyz.

i don’t know what it iz yet, but…mommy iz different.

she seemz sleeeeepy.

sometimez she smellz funny.

also, when we go on car ridez, and the car stops, and i climb onto mommy’z lap to look out that window?

there iz not enough room now. i get squished.

people keep saying “baby” to me. “rodney? blah blahblah blah baby?”

what iz a baby?

i think it iz maybe a two-legz puppy? there iz one here sometimez. he smellz yummy; plus, he haz toyz and food. (mom and dad say, “no humping the baby, rodney!” but how will he know this iz MY HOUSE?)

puppiez are okay, i guess. for a little while. then they need to go away so i can haz naptime.

grandma and grandpa haz a puppy named maggie. she iz annoying.

i hope the new two-legz puppy iz not annoying.


P.S. know what else iz new around here? YARN.


* Editor’s note: I have not knit much of anything since…2010. My stash has been packed away in a bin and Rodney does not know me as a knitter. I have several things to knit right now, and Rodney is VERY INTERESTED in the yarn. The higher the wool percentage, the more likely he will want to stick his nose deep into my project bag and death-shake a skein.


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