On my mind today


March 25, 2010 by 8junebugs

Power and plugs in Australia

For school, work, and travel:
Case Logic 16-Inch Security-Friendly Laptop Backpack

Disillusionment with the Discovery Channel because they’ve taken on Palin’s reality show. It was anger with the Discovery Channel, but then I remembered that they gave the Duggar family a reality show. And that, generally, I’m not a fan of reality shows. So…disillusionment with a company I thought was more about education than profit. My bad.

Bicycle safety — these are not the hand signals I remember.

A lot of the American history and political theory I learned in college, which leads me to wonder how close people will get to tearing down a still-young democracy because they didn’t get their way. That they have A Way and are willing to threaten and commit violence to make it law makes me think they’re in the wrong country.

The apparent adoption of content strategy by the UX community. The Usability Professionals Association lost my membership a couple of years ago because they ignored content past the point of studying the usability of certain graphical icons. (Want to get your under-30 audience to fill out a form? Use a picture of a keyboard — if you use a pen, they wonder where they’re supposed to draw.) I desperately hope this will pull content to the forefront of site and experience design…where it belongs. Without content, you don’t have a website or an experience. It’s like printing a brochure with nothing but your name and address on it…in pretty colors.

Homework. The actual deliverables seem light this term, but it’s stuff I care about, so I spend a lot of time thinking about each class’s main project.

Life lists. I made one.


2 thoughts on “On my mind today

  1. Val says:

    Yeah, what I remember was straight L arm for a L turn, 90-degree bent L elbow for RIGHT turn, lowered arm for stop or slow down…
    I hardly ride on the streets anymore; it just seems too flippin’ DANGEROUS!

    • 8junebugs says:

      That’s what I remember, too. Not that I used them much — when I was younger, you had to drive five miles to find a stoplight. 🙂

      I’m fortunate that Alexandria has worked really hard to make the roads bike-friendly, but yeah, I worry.

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