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December 2, 2009 by 8junebugs

Prospective client: $400 for a logo?! Why are you so expensive? My nephew has Photoshop—I can just get him to do it.

Me: Does your nephew have Microsoft Word?

Prospective client: Yes.

Me: Then have him write you a novel while he’s at it.

at Clients from Hell


Divine Twine, for when your packages need to look like you care.

via How About Orange


Molly’s back! Hooray!!!


WoW is like Kudzu:


Finally — luxury clothing rental for women!



David Tennant is my new TV boyfriend. I’m glad to see more of him than the tongue-sticky-outiness he displayed in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (as Barty Crouch. Jr.)…and I saw a lot of him, because we watched the first three seasons of Doctor Who last week, plus the Season 4 Christmas special and an episode of Torchwood. (Dear Xboxlive: You and Netflix make a lovely couple. I hope you stay together forever.)

via Graham, who likes to watch TV with me


That is all. Work’s busy, school’s winding down for the term (and is therefore busy), and I’ve got less than a month to get those holiday plans sorted.


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