Avon: Where the $6.8 million went

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May 19, 2009 by 8junebugs

Grants were made almost immediately after the Avon Walk. Check out where your fundraising dollars went (along with some fun facts about this year’s walkers) >>


The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund received $1,812,018 to continue Project LEAD, a vital program that trains breast cancer survivors to be patient advocates and serve as advisors to research and funding programs.

Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore) received $850,000 support access to care programs at the Avon Breast Center at Johns Hopkins as well as cutting edge research.

Capital Breast Care Center (Washington, D.C.) received $750,000 to support Avon’s signature patient care program in the District, run in partnership by Georgetown Medical Center and Medstar Health. The Capital Breast Care Center provides critical safety net services to medically underserved and uninsured women in the Washington DC metropolitan area, serving more than 2,400 per year.

George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) received $300,000 to support research into a particular biomarker that is found in 80% of invasive ductal breast tumors and metastasis, with a focus on determining its use as a marker in risk assessment and predictor of disease progression.

Virginia Tech Foundation (Virginia) received $300,000 to support a research project entitled Environmental Risk of Breast Cancer Development: Molecular Basis for Prevention. This study will investigate the mechanisms through which the circadian clock acts as a tumor suppressor in the biology of estrogen-dependent breast cancer.

Food and Friends (Washington, D.C.) received $250,000 to support their Avon Pink Ribbon Delivery Program which provides specialized nutrition support and individualized nutrition counseling to women living with breast cancer and their families in metropolitan Washington, D.C. providing 460,000 meals to 1,600 women fighting breast cancer and their families since 2000.


  • Breast Cancer Survivors: 271 (Walkers and Crew)
  • Oldest Walker: 78 years!
  • Oldest Crew Member: 73 years!
  • Male Participats: 264 (91 Crew and 173 Walkers)
  • States Represented: We had Walkers from 40 States!!

Where did all the extra food go? All of our extra went to Capital Area Food Bank and ThriveDC.

How many tents contributed to our incredible tent city? 1200 sleeping tents!!

How many porta potties did we have throughout the weekend? 420 porta potties (That’s 1 toilet to every six walkers!)

How many monuments/museums did you pass? You walked by over 15 Monuments and Museums! Consider that a “Tour” to help save lives!


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