Family fun


February 6, 2009 by 8junebugs

I met my cousin Boo for dinner last night out in the bloody wilds of Maryland, and can I just say? I’m STILL never moving to Maryland.

I was late getting there (stupid Maryland-bound traffic) and then couldn’t follow my own directions to the restaurant someone had recommended, so we wound up at Olive Garden about five minutes before I start chewing on my own arm. Fortunately, Boo remains as good-natured and laidback as she was when we were kids.

Dinner was SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously. The fun falls into two categories:

  1. Learning more about my cousin as an adult and finding out we’ve got a ton in common
  2. Hearing family stories that, for whatever reason, I haven’t heard before now, and laughing my freaking head off

Under “Learning,” we talked about careers and I had the pleasure of hearing my own argument against going to law school come out of someone else’s mouth — basically, “The Law” is awesome, but practicing law isn’t really for us. I have a feeling it appeals to our shared love of dramatic stories and general fairness.

I also interrogated her on her college experience, which closely matched my Ideal College Trajectory: elite-for-a-damn-good-reason college, semester abroad, a cappella group, senior thesis involving fairy tales… I managed to remain more entertained than envious, but it was a close one.

I hereby promise that, before I transfer my Ideal College Trajectory onto my kid, I will make sure he or she talks to Boo to get a real perspective. Me? I’m all hopped up on broken dreams of private school and late-night screenings of Dead Poet’s Society and  Mona Lisa Smile.

Under “Hearing family stories,” there were some jaw-droppers. The only one I think I’ll share here, though, is that my father was apparently thrown out of a VFW bar on the Cape for brawling.

My dad. Bar fight. Pitched out of the VFW. Within the last 10 years.

I need to talk to Boo’s dad and get the details of this epic leap out of character.

Oh, and one of my other cousins — one of the few quiet ones — is at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and will graduate as an officer in the Merchant Marine. I have a cousin who’s totally going to battle pirates! W00t!


2 thoughts on “Family fun

  1. Boo says:

    Don’t move to Maryland! Just come by to save me from utter insanity and to share amusing family tales. Don’t forget that recorder when you go up to VT next time…

  2. 8junebugs says:

    I’ve had the recorder since two weeks before Mom died…I’ll remember.

    You know, Uncle Andy Gingras did so much for all of us by tracing the family history. Keeping track of our own family stories seems like the least we can do, doesn’t it?

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