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August 22, 2008 by 8junebugs

Handknit Socks // Blueberry pie

How I spend my free hours

Were anyone watching my Etsy shop, they would think that I just knocked out a boatload of handknit socks in no time at all. Though I have done marathon knitting in the weeks before Christmas, it’s been a long time since I spent I actually knocked out a boatload of handknit socks in no time at all. Etsy, you see, has a marvelous user interface that allows one to renew listings that have expired. (Sales last year were underwhelming.)

I figure it’s back to school time and about four months ’til Christmas, so I might as well get some items up. Posting these gives me an incentive to make more, which also gives me a boost to start my holiday crafting, which also reminds me that I’ve got a special order to work on.

Please consider Etsy for all your gift/art/stuff-buying needs, folks. There’s some serious creative talent up there and very reasonable prices for the level of craftsmanship involved. I have purchased prints for framing, coasters, light switch covers, gorgeous gift labels, and stationery, and I’ve been thrilled every time.

Fabulous Etsy shopping features:

  • Shop by color — perfect for the person who loves everything, er, red
  • Shop local — support local artisans more than once a year at a street fair
  • Pay with Paypal — easy, convenient, safer then continually plunking in your credit card info
  • A little bit of everything — crocheted tea cozies to custom stuffed animals that match your pet
  • Craft supplies and vintage patterns and the kinds of things you just can’t find at Michael’s
  • See what people are buying from where with the Geolocator — because a shop is more interesting if someone else just bought an item from it

Seriously…it’s way cooler than eBay.


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