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August 4, 2008 by 8junebugs

Yesterday I chopped up a mango and some strawberries for a fruit salad that became dessert last night and Second Breakfast today.

My house smells like an herbal shampoo.

Mango on its own tastes like soap to me. Cold mango with strawberries and a bit of stevia? THAT’S good eats. For a moment, I longed to dig into the French vanilla yogurt that’s just sitting in my fridge. The nonfat, low-calorie yogurt that, blast it, is still made from milk.

Oh, well. The fruit alone is pretty damn good.

If any of you locals have or want to start a compost heap, do let me know — all this natural eating is generating mounds of compost-worthy scraps. My Organic Market down the street has a bin I could have filled three times over this weekend. I’d love to do my own, but my gardening plans tanked for the year, and things are a bit uncertain for me to section off my balcony and start planting for next year.

Although I could certainly do with a few house plants.


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