Time for a change

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July 25, 2008 by 8junebugs

Last night, ladies’ night, included converations of the usual variety and some laughter that may or may not have sounded like hooting. (Sorry, ladies and neighbors — that was me.)

What do women talk about? Everything. If you’re married to or otherwise attached to us, you should know that by now. When chicks get close enough, there ain’t no such thing as TMI.

Eventually, there is some talk of weight — gain, loss, issues, etc. I think the tipping point is four women in a room. Three might go a whole evening without talking about fat and carbs and calories, but four or more and you’ve got a quorum.

Of course, this is usually a discussion around a plate of cheese. And some wine.


Anyway, I need to face the fact that the weight I lost a couple of months ago is sneaking back up on me. The funny thing is, I actually eat pretty healthfully more often than not. But I have my weaknesses like anyone else.

Size and numbers are generally less important to me than how I feel. And I feel sluggish…also like the food I eat isn’t doing it’s job properly — something’s not right.

So I have a two-pronged solution:

1. Leverage the good teachings of a commercial weight loss program with a friend and within reason…because, God help me, I hate most of those plans. But some of them are fairly good at reminding you how to eat well and listen to your body.

2. Set up an appointment with my chiropractor and friend, whose knowledge about and educational background in nutrition and kinesiology is a little staggering. This woman understands how the body works at a level that an out-of-the-box plan does not. And she’s never steered me wrong. (Apparently, I’m not the only one. Her practice has expanded by leaps and bounds. Hooray for holistic health and healing!)


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