Mustang tally


July 2, 2008 by 8junebugs

Nevada is concerned about the growing population of wild horses that roam the state, grazing and looking majestic. Euthanasia is on the table as a solution, which, I have to say, makes me want to move to Nevada and start adopting ponies. Who’s with me?

Contrast that with the attitude of North Carolina’s Outer Banks residents and government toward the mustangs in Corolla. They are revered, y’all, and they should be. The herd has roamed the Banks for at least 400 years.

Maybe these two states should talk.

Have you ever seen a horse put down? I have. It ain’t pretty, even when the horse is sick and suffering. Putting down perfectly healthy mustangs simply because the state set an “appropriate management level” sounds ludicrous and cruel.



But then, I still want a pony.


One thought on “Mustang tally

  1. Steph says:

    And then there’s Chinciteague that pens & auctions the wild ponies every year, to control the population, fund veterinary care for the animals, and, oh yeah, it’s an enormous tourist draw for them, too.

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