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June 3, 2008 by 8junebugs

Well, facebook is finally the new myspace, if only because someone at facebook knows the value of white space. Users have access to a bazillion crapplications, but the layout is such that logging in doesn’t (immediately) cause seizures.

I love having yet another means of getting back in touch with people I’ve missed for a while, but I think I need to post a disclaimer:

Hello! Nice to see you again! Jennifer greatly appreciates your desire to know how she’s doing and what’s been going on lately, but she warns you that asking about either may lead to long messages about things like divorce and terminal cancer. Overall, though, please know that she’s doing much better than one might expect and does not mean to shock you with her blunt response to your kind inquiries.


Today, Mom’s getting evaluated for chemo and scanned for further metastases. I am expecting to hear that it’s in her brain as well, but would be grateful for a surprise. I’m going to try to be on speakerphone when ChemoDoc talks with her, but we’ll see.

She has read through her file and says that she has come to terms with how serious this really is. There’s no prognosis in those reports and she’s not talking in time frames, but her outlook has gone from “It could go away — I’m going to play with my grandchildren someday” to “I’m going to do everything I can and wait for grandchildren.”

No pressure.

I’ve actually seen what can happen when you decide to have a baby because your mom has cancer and wants to meet her offspring’s offspring before she dies, and I’m not a fan. It’s not the worst reason in the world to have a kid, but it’s not far from “to save your marriage” on the Bottom 100 Reasons to Procreate list.

In related news, it appears I’m in the doghouse with my kid brother for taking a couple of days off to go somewhere other than Vermont. But he was already mad at me for something else (something very minor) and is generally mad at the world anyway, so I’m not really in the mood to ‘splain or sum up to him all the reasons why my upcoming long weekend is a Very Good Thing.

I am learning to pick my battles. And if Mom’s okay with it, the one WITHOUT cancer can suck it.


Squee! New shoes!

Thanks to a local DSW and a 6-month-old gift card, I finally replaced one pair of dead black slides of indiscriminate origin with a cute little pair of Steve Maddens with kitten heels and a…taller, dressier pair from Tahari.

They can’t be any higher than my black boots or even the CFM heels, but somehow? I’m now ginormous. Please pray for my ankles.


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