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June 2, 2008 by 8junebugs

The Bride of 2008
When I met The Bride, The Groom was not yet in the picture. However, this is the year of their wedding and we’re all SO excited that her nickname, for the purposes of this blog, is The Bride.

A while ago, I tried to explain to someone how it is that I am friends with as staunch and active a Republican as The Bride. It’s not unusual for me to be friendly with people whose political views are so opposite my own, but it is a little unexpected for me to be close enough to one that I cry when I get the text about her engagement.

(It was the fastest way to tell all of us, and also? She’s the textiest texter who ever texted.)

I considered giving The Bride the nickname The Republican, but that’s not how she is defined in my head. In my head, The Bride is less about politics and more about loyalty. She is a fierce, fierce friend to everyone who crosses her path. She remembers things about people that they don’t even remember telling her, and when she honors something about you, it stays honored.

This may be the trait that makes her Queen of the Bachelorette. This girl knows how to throw a party, y’all, and takes the responsibility very seriously. She has objectively and dispassionately evaluated numerous strippers to ensure proper and worthwhile pre-wedding entertainment. And when someone didn’t want a stripper, The Bride of 2008 maintained the spirit of the event by hiring a stripping instructor to give us all a lesson.

There is no limit to her party-planning creativity. In fact, we’re all a little afraid of what she’ll do when the Groom turns 30, as his birthday parties continue to outshine our default dinner-for-a-dozen.

As her wedding day approaches, it can be hard to remember that The Bride is a world-class tomboy. She’s the first out of the house to have a catch, and I don’t think it matters what kind of ball or other object is being tossed. She drives from the men’s tee and wins the round as often as not…then outdoes everyone at the 19th hole as well. So I’ve heard. 😉

Old men LOVE The Bride. Love her. And it does not creep her out at all, or if it does, she doesn’t let on.

I would be remiss, and certainly reprimanded, if I did not note that she is the color orange’s biggest fan. I thought she represented well when I saw she had an orange microwave. And then she bought an orange car.

I haven’t know The Bride as long as others in our little circle have, but I’ve known her long enough to see her make countless people happy and finally find her own happiness with the Groom, who swept her well and truly off her feet. Their upcoming wedding is the perfect excuse to celebrate her (and him, of course) the way she celebrates all of us.


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