Delayed hibernation

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April 4, 2008 by 8junebugs

Well. That was odd.

I had a doctor’s appointment last night and got home around 6:30. I had a bit of a lie-down–it’s been a rough couple of weeks and my poor 30-year-old ass is dragging. Mike eventually went off to poker and I had every intention of getting up, having dinner, and doing some normal stuff.

Sometime after 11, Mike woke me up–apparently, I got comfortable and wasn’t hungry enough to wake up. Startling, really, but there it is. I did have a peanut butter sandwich at that point so I wouldn’t wake up from hunger during the rest of the night, but I had no problem getting back to sleep.

This is not like me. I’m not horrified or even overly concerned, as I am chronically overtired these days, but I am surprised. I’ve never been much of a sleeper–I’ve always got something else I would rather do.

While sleeping, I’m bombarded with a combination of dreams and memories, and I’m starting to realize that all of my dreams tend to take place in one of maybe half a dozen places, most of which are real. I’m starting to wonder if those places are of note because of unresolved conflict or other issues–all the real places are straight out of my past. Lately, the dreams have tended toward the positive; I don’t win the lottery, but I do find what I’m looking for, if awkwardly.

I was given a dream dictionary a billion years ago. I held onto it for a long time, but few of my dream questions have ever fit into concrete definitions…I’m not big on archetypes, I guess. So the dream dictionary got caught up in one of the book purges of 2007 and, I hope, now graces someone else’s shelves.

I’m still a little on the groggy side today and thoughtful in the introverted sense. I’ve got a training walk early tomorrow that cannot be skipped–I am woefully behind in my preparation. (Dear God, please don’t let me whine within earshot of our two-time breast cancer survivor. Amen.)

Fundraising-wise, I’ve been fortunate this week. Some generous folks in my network put me up over the amount I needed for my employer match, and the employer match bumped me up over the minimum, so I’m happy. I’m still soliciting, but I’m happy. Nothing has come in yet from Vermont, so I have no idea yet how high I’ll go. I have heard about an amount coming from a law firm, but I hear a lot of things from Vermont. Most of them are…unreliable at best and outright lies at worst. So we’ll see.

 Happy weekend, y’all.


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