Blasts from your past


March 19, 2008 by 8junebugs

Prompted by Maggie over at Mighty Girl, what would you want to flash before your eyes as you leave this world?

Here are a few from my first 30 years–30 for 30 in somewhat random order (editor’s note: I replaced two, after thinking about it for a minute. Only two, though.):

  1. Mike proposing in the gazebo on the Sound
  2. Accepting a trophy senior year as a co-captain
  3. Singing with the Bean in the Barbie Jeep with the top down, halfway to Aptos on a Sunday morning
  4. The first time he said “I love you”
  5. Walking home from Middlebury with my high school sweetheart and learning all about GI Joe, but mostly about Snake Eyes
  6. Beginning my first Avon Walk (it was even better than finishing)
  7. Ice skating at dusk with my cousins on the pond in the pasture
  8. Grand hollering out the kitchen window
  9. The view of Stinson Beach from Muir Woods
  10. Shrimp and pasta
  11. Laying on the floor with my feet against the heat vent and a granny-square afghan over me, watching Cosby after school Building “igloos” in snow drifts and “forts” in the haymow
  12. Saying “I do”
  13. Rockapella singing Come My Way
  14. Piccadilly Circus right before curfew
  15. Watching the sun come up from the front steps of the Wisconsin Ave house with Leonard after a night of card games and bad wine
  16. The funniest thing that’s come out of my husband’s mouth so far
  17. Shelly Duncan’s debut at Yankee Stadium
  18. The second first time he said “I love you” 
  19. Snuggling with Maestro and a good book; snuggling with Teddy and a half-knit sock
  20. Mike making pancakes
  21. Dancing in a thunderstorm on the shore of Lake Memphramagog to a band called Downpour
  22. Watching Jay try to define homunculus in Philosophy That hug in 2001
  23. Halloween in the Castro, version 2.0
  24. Surprise birthday parties at 16, 18, and 21.
  25. Climbing tree horses
  26. Laughing with Ashley as we stole cookie dough from Amy’s bowl
  27. Every wine-tasting outing I’ve taken, because they were always with those friends, you know, the ones you can travel with
  28. Slumming with the Bean that night in Fremont, drinking black russians with those boys and somehow making it home alive
  29. Watching Alex grow up for a while and helping her learn colors with M&Ms
  30. My friends’ faces on their wedding days

I’m going to need a Hollywood-level death scene to get all this in, and this is only the first 30 years.

How about you?


2 thoughts on “Blasts from your past

  1. Steph says:

    You’ve had THREE surprise birthday parties? You’re really unobservant and gullible, aren’t you?

  2. 8junebugs says:

    Yep. If you’re ever going to be unobservant and gullible, why not on your birthday?

    In the spirit of full disclosure:

    16: planned goodbye gathering with surprise early birthday party

    18: small sign posted on the window behind our favorite table at a coffee shop and a slice of cake that I didn’t see coming–we were way too cool to celebrate birthdays, man

    21: knew we were having dinner, knew something was up when I got blindfolded, did NOT know that my friend had pulled more people to the table than I’d ever expected or that I would be expected to do a stoplight shot at Friday’s

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