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January 28, 2008 by 8junebugs

 Sticker graphics: Bring Bad Design to Justice

Caveat: In no way do I think these should be used in real life on real designers with feelings and stuff. That’s why they’re here and not on the Resources page.

But they cracked me up and there are a couple I’d like to use from time to time, sometimes on non-designers who think Bill Gates made desktop publishing part of the MS Office Suite because anyone can do it.

“Microsoft Word is not a design tool”


“Force justify creates bad word spacing”

“Helvetica was an unimaginative choice”

Of course, I would never print these in red. These are clearly the work of a designer who did not consult a writer/editor about the best way to make your message effective without alienating the reader. 😉

I know. I’m one critique away from being a design snob. But, see, I’m close to some really fantastic graphic designers, so I have high expectations. I also know enough to know that I AM NOT A DESIGNER — just because I know how to use specialized software doesn’t mean I should. As much as I try to be conscious of design elements, I have no business giving art direction and get kind of cranky when anyone with more than two years of experience asks me to do so.

I’m not saying…I’m just sayin’.


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