That which does not kill us

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January 14, 2008 by 8junebugs

In honor of a very dear friend who, with the best of intentions, cured one of her two-year-old’s issues with one of those surgery/ER/trauma shows the kid likes…

Baby girl: “Mommy, what happened to that man?”

Mommy (sadly): “He didn’t hold his mommy’s hand when he crossed the street.”

…I direct you to the comments in a recent finslippy post, in which imperfect parents everywhere ‘fess up to accidental crimes against their offspring. Most of them are worse than, say, letting your child eat inch-long beetles, but all of them show that it ain’t easy training new people. Follow that link only if you have a little time, know that parents are only human, and are okay with laughing until you pee a little.


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