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February 23, 2018 by 8junebugs

2018 To Do List

    1. Get back into regular erging practice. Spend absurd amount of time with feet out. [check]
    2. Observe level of fitness, commitment, desire. [uggghhh / check / double-triple-mega-check]
    3. Update erging playlists. Put “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons on repeat forever. Pair old headphones with new phone. [checkcheckcheck]
    4. Review current schedules of local clubs, which have shifted. Where can I row? What configuration of practice schedules and fees is most conducive to rowing now and eventually getting back to being a two-athlete family? [check]
    5. Reach out to EBRC leadership and new coaching staff about timing, fees, expectations, etc. [check]
    6. Google “keto diet and rowing.” [check] (The answer to this query is, “You’ll look ripped and feel like shit.” Macadamia nuts and small bananas before practice, it is!)
    7. Start cautiously telling some folks that I’m coming back. Attempt to repeatedly reset beloved pair partner’s expectations. [check]
    8. Pull a 2K to document wretchedly infuriating slowness. Try to remember what it was like working up from zero last time and recognize each workout’s improvements. [check]
    9. Replace old and busted gear with new gear that fits current shape. [check]
    10. Show up. Do the work. Trust the process. [TK: 2/26/18]




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