Questions we shouldn’t have had to ask this week


October 19, 2011 by 8junebugs

…certainly not more than once.

“Won’t a diet of white rice and nonfat cottage cheese cause blood sugar spikes in our newly diagnosed diabetic dog?” <–I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve asked this. Eventually, the primary vet said that dealing with blood in his diarrhea was the higher priority, as long as he seemed otherwise stable on the insulin.

“When will we know the results of the stool sample?” <–Saturday (they lost it), Tuesday (not a viable sample), and Wednesday (fingers crossed)

“How should we adjust what little insulin he’s on to accommodate the bland diet?”

“One more time: With everything going on, should we be concerned that his tummy feels bloated?”

“Is there any interaction between insulin and this drug you prescribed for the diarrhea?”

“Should we really do the blood glucose curve test on Friday after a week of refined carbs and simple sugars?” <–Twice, to two different vets who gave opposite answers. Primary vet wins for actually hearing the question.

Rodney is still responding well to the insulin and is otherwise acting totally normal — tonight we stopped in at a Woof & Wine (or Whatever) party across the street and he had a ball…and we found a new mobile groomer, whose brother had a Westie that ALSO had diabetes.

The blood in the diarrhea has been going on since Friday. The meds treat the inflammation in his digestive tract — the symptoms — but we still don’t know the cause.

As it happens, though, I’m a freaking NIGHTMARE of a patient/advocate, so…we’re working on it.


2 thoughts on “Questions we shouldn’t have had to ask this week

  1. Val says:

    Ah, Westies – so good for business 😉 !

    Sorry I’m late stopping by; sounds like everything is stabilized for now?

    I certainly don’t want to overrule your primary vet, but as soon as the diarrhea is under control, I would advise a high-fiber low-fat diet like Hill’s Prescription WD or Purina DCO. There are beaucomps companies now in the premium-diet business, so there are probably several other options available…

    Best of luck!

    Dr J

    • 8junebugs says:

      Ha! I’ve been calling you Val and completely forgot you’re a vet. Yeah, where the hell have you been? 😉

      The primary vet is history. The diarrhea only got worse and more forceful as the week went on. We brought an IMPRESSIVE sample with us when we met with Vet #2, whose dietary advice totally tracks with your comment. She gave us a different pill for the diarrhea, which cleared it up like WHOA (seriously, almost normal within 24 hours), and had us give him Hill’s ID for a day or so, then WD. He’s now eating and pooping like it’s his job. We did his first glucose curve last Friday and upped him to 2 units per dose, and all is well…although he wasn’t happy about being at the vet all day long.

      He’s also puppy-level playful, which we haven’t seen in a really, really long time.

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