My heart is like an open highway


February 21, 2011 by 8junebugs

Well. It’s really not. That’s from Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life,” which is a moving but otherwise completely un-self-aware choice for my theme song. My heart isn’t like an open highway. It’s more like a quiet, settled cul de sac where everyone grows their own basil.

Y’all, I don’t even like to drive. But I have to get me and mah stuff to California somehow.

I would so love to hire movers to do the dirty work again. When I moved in 2008, I hired these guys to cart my stuff less than a quarter of a mile. It cost more than the divorce that prompted it and it was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I swore that, much like Dealing With My Toenails, moving was something I would never go DIY on again.

Also? I’ve already packed a truck and driven across the country. By the time I got to Vermont  I was perfectly happy to hand my uncle the keys and let him back that 16-footer-plus-the-tow-dolly down my mother’s ridiculous driveway. (In 1999, Penske trucks didn’t even have CD players. If this is still the case, I will consider if strong evidence that God neither loves us nor wants us to be happy.)

Movers cost a lot more pennies when you’re moving more than a quarter of a mile away, though, and I’m doing this without a relocation package. So! Between real movers and the Penske + Me option is PODS…or, in my case, a competitor. I will pack and I will load, but I will not, ever again (I hope), drive a truck over any mountains during a time of year when snow isn’t out of the question.

My boss recommends taking the southerly route, which I haven’t done before. Last time, I just got on 80 east and turned left at Pennsylvania. He’s quite sure that it should be beautiful this time of year. (More in another post about how awesome work people have been about this departure.)

Anyway. It’s just me, the Honda (which has just had its annual more-expensive-than-expected service), AND KIDBROTHER. The kid asked if we could do the road trip together! Because it would be totally cool to spend your 29th birthday moving your sister a whole country away from you!

And it will be, but as the eldest I reserve the right to flipcam his passenger-seat snoring and put it on YouTube.

Departure date: Friday, March 18
(roughly noonish)

Expected arrival date: Tuesday, March 22
(he wants to drive straight through)
(because he is young and cocky)
(and I might have said, “PUNCH IT, CHEWY!” when I told him how long it would take)

(KidBrother’s return to upstate NY: Friday, March 25)


3 thoughts on “My heart is like an open highway

  1. Amy says:

    Should be a fun road trip! Kath and I did half the distance with the 3 kitties which was fun… when she moved back to Iowa we did it in 24 hours which was not fun… hallucinations at the end. I say sleep is good. We also give excellent reviews and 4 thumbs up to the non pod pods. Super low stress way to pack… although you have to pack them, but reasonable, and Kath is a packer like her dad… skilled with rope and such. I’m so excited for you! 🙂

    • 8junebugs says:

      Thanks, Amy! I have hallucinated on the DC-VT trips once or twice…NOT interested in doing that again.

      The only stress with packing a non-pod pod is that I think I’m just a smidge over one pod, but not by enough for two. Also! I have zero strength right now. I’m getting a good deal, though, so I may hire extra muscles.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hired muscles! I have hired movers for every move. Though if I move inside Portland, I will probably just hired muscled guys with a truck – that’s really all I need. 🙂

    Enjoy your road trip! Amy moved me from Michigan to California. She drove most of the time without complaining because she said she couldn’t sleep when I drove anyway (she was afraid I’d fall asleep). Her only requirement was that I not complain about the music (two Melissa’s played at high volume over and over).

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