Wherein Google saves my relationship

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December 2, 2010 by 8junebugs

Search term:

washed cast iron skillet with soap

Best-timed and Most Appropriate Search Result in the History of Relationships:

Help! Soap on a cast iron skillet!…my sweet, considerate, but sometimes forgetful* boyfriend used soap to wash my (almost as beloved as my boyfriend) cast iron skillet…

Later, when I suggest G use a different, less beloved pan for browning ground beef for dinner:

“If you don’t show me how to use the pan right, we’re always going to have trust issues. I’m just saying.”

This is probably true.

The next day, a colleague informs me that this scenario (which included a metal-on-teflon incident) played out “because he’s a boy,” an explanation I categorically refuse to accept.


He used the pan. We ate dinner, which did not taste like soap. No one died.

*In the context of how gross it sounds, but how truly awesome it is, we had discussed just the day before how the super-heavy green pan does not get washed with, much less soaked in, soap.


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