A weekend away


August 31, 2010 by 8junebugs

I made a long weekend out of this past weekend and went west to visit Rodney. And also Graham (as well as his parents). But Graham can visit me, and has, and neither of us want to put Rodney on a plane — he’s too big for carry-on and putting him in cargo is too scary. So…I flew. To play with a puppy.

He’s not really a puppy — he’ll be five soon. But he’s a Westie, which means he’ll always be a little bit puppy.

This is my favorite shot of him on our afternoon trip up to Lake Tahoe. He was transported — he got a car ride, which he loves, and then experienced his first beach (dog-friendly, researched in advance), and then got to ride in the car again to get home.

I think he’s still sleeping it off.

It was worth the trip. Rodney, never a lap dog and not big on cuddling, jumped up in my lap without prompting and hung out for a while the night I arrived. So either he’s starting to remember me or he was intrigued by the airport smells on my jeans. Either way, I’ll take it. The closest he usually gets to lap-dogginess is letting you hold a bone or a treat upright so he can attack it more efficiently — it’s his way of getting around the whole not-having-opposable-thumbs thing. He parks about 30% of his body on you as a reward…or because he has to if you hold the treat far enough away.

The puppy love made up for some other unexpected twists to this between-terms trip. Graham’s dad wound up in the hospital with severe abdominal pain, which was treated as SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY until an intrepid young surgeon decided to cut him open to see what the hell was going on. Less than an hour later, the surgeon removed a cantaloupe-sized appendix, which may (and I emphasize “may” because I’m disinclined to accept the explanation) have been difficult to see on the scans because other bits had wrapped themselves around it. He’s recovering well enough, but it’ll take a couple of months for him to be back to normal. Consequently, though, we spent a good deal of time going back and forth to the hospital and talking with Graham’s mom and calling family and neighbors to keep them up to date.

A quick trip up to the lake was about all we could manage, but it was enough, and totally worth it.


6 thoughts on “A weekend away

  1. Val says:

    Sorry, my brain is working slowly today… Is Rodney an “ex-puppy”?
    Boy, do I miss my ex-mule – so much that the guilt is overwhelming me as I research a possible successor (he could never be “replaced”). But it can’t be helped; my ex is never gonna give him back.

  2. Ginnie says:

    I didn’t even know you had a blog/site! I loved this post and I think I remember talking to you about the Westie before and I’ve always loved the breed ever since I saw him on your FB, now I have one of my own. She puppy-naps a lot so I can’t really tell if she’ll be a lap dog but she sure keep my Yorkie on his toes. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Awwwww .. little Rodney.

    I learned something very interesting. Someone was telling me about a show dog that traveled around with the owner via plane. Not in cargo. Apparently if you buy a seat for the dog, they can travel with you. The catch was that only 1 (I think) dog can do so on a flight so if someone is there before you, you’re out of luck. (I chuckle at the idea of trying to buckle Atlas up – I suspect he would have something to say about this – something decidedly less than positive – but it was interesting to learn.)

    I hope Graham’s dad’s recovery goes well.

    • 8junebugs says:

      There’s also Pet Airways, Elizabeth, but they’re just not expanding fast enough! 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes. His recovery will take some time (they would up going back in for his gall bladder), but we’re hoping it will be uneventful.

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