Oz, Day 5: Circular Quay and feasting with friends


June 26, 2010 by 8junebugs

Sydney's Harbour Bridge

The day started gray and drizzly, but it started to clear once we reached the harbor.

Us, with the reason we came.

I know some readers might be waiting for pictures of the Opera House, but I had a fascination with Harbour Bridge.

Under the bridge: The view from the River Cat ferry

So, on Wednesday, we had a date to spend an afternoon gnoshing with Sportik and Kristie while they prepared what they told us would be a proper Australian barbecue. We left early and walked up to the harbor so we’d have time to gaze at the Bridge and the Opera House…and to make sure we could find the right ferry at the right time.

Opera House, first glimpse

Opera House, artsy shot

Opera House, the iconic photo

Seeing it up close (and from the ferry) was as surreal as you can imagine…like walking up the physical steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The next day, we would return for a concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Leaving Circular Quay (pronounced "key")

Graham, wearing his Snowpocalypse 2010 shirt in Sydney. Such a world traveler!

Luna Park, which I know is awesome, but that giant face scares me.

Sportik, with Kate

I think this is the photo that prompted Cat to say I went right past her house.

The view from Kissing Bridge

We took the River Cat from Circular Quay all the way to Kissing Point, at which point I stopped taking pictures and commenced, after a brief car ride, drinking good wine and stuffing my face. It was great fun getting to know Kate, as well as Ann-Marie and Tristan, and Sportik and Kristie’s girls.

About the food

Y’all, please try to get to Sydney for the food, even if you don’t have a wedding to attend or friends to visit or some other perfectly good reason to skip over to another continent. It’s worth the endless flights JUST FOR THE FOOD. And if you don’t have friends to visit, make some when you get there, then hope they invite you to “nibble for a couple of hours” before a “real Aussie barbecue.” We didn’t even get to the restaurant I’d been advised to patronize, and we still ate like kings.

This night, the nibbles consisted of Turkish bread, assorted cheeses, beetroot dip (which, OHMYGOD, was so stupidly yummy and pink), and tortilla triangles baked with pesto. I have been living on those triangles ever since (because I can’t find beetroot dip here), and they are now at the top of the short list of Green Things Graham Will Eat.

After an afternoon of nibbling, Kristie and her youngest daughter, Imani, went to work on the grill. I don’t want to sound too cliche here, but there’s a reason “shrimp on the barbie” gets so much play in Australia tourism marketing. We had some, and everything you’ve heard is absolutely right. With just a simple marinade of garlic and something, OMNOMNOM.

There was also chicken, and veggies, and a delightful pile of grilled noodles. I’ve been trying to come close to the flavor of those grilled noodles with my wok, but it’s just not the same.

Oh! And for dessert! (Because, yeah, we kept eating and drinking until, like, 11.) I don’t really want to talk about dessert. There were TimTams, and there was a chocolate-covered cakey thing with coconut all over it, and I’ve forgotten what it’s called, and this is Graham’s opening to get on my case for taking so long to blog the trip that I’m forgetting things. 😦


2 thoughts on “Oz, Day 5: Circular Quay and feasting with friends

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great photos! Now you’ve made me hungry!

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