Old kicks, new kicks


April 13, 2010 by 8junebugs

Old kicks, bought for stability on two-day Avon Walks:

New kicks, bought for running every other day:

Still Brooks, although I tried some Karhus that were serious contenders (and would’ve been cheaper…). I’m not brand-loyal in this area — the only live-or-die brand loyalty I’ve got in the running world is Thorlo socks. Because, my god, they’re perfect. They’re cushy and wicky and they last 100 years.

Well. Ten years. When you don’t run every other day. Whatever. Iboughtsomemoreshutup.

Review of my feetsies from Pacers Sneaker Expert Dude, before he knew what I’ve been wearing:

“Whoa, you’ve got really strong arches. No sign of weakness or falling. No wobbling in your ankles. Cool. Okay, I’m going to go get some shoes for you to try.”

When he saw my old Ariels (The model prior to the one pictured. I have the one pictured because I stuck with the model last year, but those were the shoes that were effing with my knees. And I thought it was just the size…):

“Um, yeah. I don’t know why they put you in this shoe. I mean… Okay, maybe for long-distance walking, but… Do you ever feel like your feet are tipping outward?” >I nod, eyes wide.< “Yeah, these are for people with arch problems. You don’t have those, so they’re overcorrecting a problem that doesn’t exist.”

From the product description at www.brooksrunning.com: “…have long served as motion-control superheroes, coming to the rescue of runners with low or flat arches and excessive pronation.”

So… Argh. I did ask for stability when I bought the old ones, though — I was nervous about my ankles and rolling off curbs on the Walk — so it’s partly my fault. Still, this guy picked a shoe for my feet, rather than for a specific feature. If I ask for a feature that backfires because of my feet, how is that better than just picking a show because it’s pretty?

In other news, I did the math on my paltry mileage and realized that my current pace and program still put me at 360 to 400 miles a year. So…

Same time next year, Pacers Sneaker Expert Dude!


2 thoughts on “Old kicks, new kicks

  1. statia says:

    Dude. I was never brand loyal, until I got my Brooks. They’re the only sneaker I’ll wear now. I love them. They totally helped with my arches and pronation. They’re so comfortable for long walks, or, running. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    • 8junebugs says:

      I’m into that sort of thing, at least until running starts wearing dog collars and calling at 1 am. 😛

      I’d never heard of Brooks until 2007. Before that, I had New Balances that were awesome, but they nearly killed me on a 13-mile training walk that year. (I hadn’t really bought them for heavy use…)

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