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November 12, 2009 by 8junebugs

I never found my universal card reader. I suspect it is somewhere on Cape Cod.

I bought a new one, which means the old one should turn up any day now.

A couple of the snaps I wanted to share:


Katherine and Amy, recessional


Shamrock, on Buzzards Bay


Uncle Andy mooring Shamrock while we poke around for shells


Grass blowing in the cold breeze. Note: None of these Bay shots have been color-corrected.


Captain/Uncle Andy

As previously noted, the entire weekend was glorious in a bunch of ways.

From Tammy‘s visit, taken Sunday, November 1:


Brunch at Perry's: Tammy with the fouler-mouthed drag queen


Behind the Capitol, once the weather started to clear

Sometimes, the nicest thing about guests is that they remind you to appreciate where you live. Tammy, bless her heart, was so vocally appreciative of the things I see all the time that it forced me to remember that DC is pretty damn impressive. Things like, “Wait, that’s the PENTAGON right there?” and “The president lives RIGHT THERE [she’s a fan]. Ohmygod.” were funny, but also sort of…right.

I don’t mean to make her sound like a wide-eyed occasional tourist — she’s traveled all over the world. But I think we could all do with a little more wonder in our attitudes, so I’m callin’ it out.

I’m a haphazard and unhelpful tour guide, though — that stop behind the Capitol? That was 20 seconds after I said, “Oh! Right. The Supreme Court’s back here, too.” I was a little better on the way into the city. “Okay, we’re going to take Memorial Bridge, so, when we come up to it, Arlington Cemetery will be on your left. As we cross it, you’ll be looking at the Lincoln Memorial.”

On the way out, though, heading over the 14th street bridge, I blazed past Jefferson without, um, telling her it was there. She saw it, I slowed down a little, and she snapped a picture, and I was like, “Hey, yeah, that’s Jefferson. Um, you want to come back in the spring, right? ‘Cause it’ll be prettier then, anyway. Sorry!”

That afternoon, we also visited the 9/11 Memorial at the Pentagon, which I hadn’t seen yet (which is why we drove around the Pentagon parking lot for a while). My excuse is that I can still remember the smell of the smoke, standing on the Key Bridge — I don’t need a memorial to remind me of who and what were lost. But it’s a lovely, well-planned, and meaningful way to honor the people who died in the attack, and I’m glad Tammy gave me a reason to see it.

She’s got a more complete recap of her visit on her blog — go read it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Picture pages

  1. Cassie Ford says:

    In regards to: Brunch at Perry’s-Tammy with the fouler-mouthed drag queen, please note that this is the same drag queen that has packed Perry’s for the past 17 years! Not to mention the outreach she’s done to help homeless gay, lesbian, transgendered teens. A true hero to us indeed. Despite her own terminal medical condition. BTW,,,,,she saved my life

    • 8junebugs says:

      Welcome, Cassie! I’m pretty sure we’ve never met, so maybe I should clarify–in my world, “fouler-mouthed” is never an insult. 🙂 She was my favorite performer, and she didn’t seem like she’d take it as an insult… I don’t know her, obviously, but it sounds like knowing her would be an honor.

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