July 20, 2009 by 8junebugs

IMG_1191Hey! There’s gold in that there watermelon!

I was confused when I hacked into this after lunch today, and am slightly more confused now that I’ve asked Google about it.

I’m not confused about what it is. If it thumps like a watermelon, scoops like a watermelon, and tastes like a watermelon, it’s a watermelon. Plus, I stuck my spoon in it before I googled. So that question was answered.

But what was it doing at my farmers’ market? I know it’s early for watermelon anyway, but this variety is generally grown in Mexico, Arizona, and California. Could be a mis-sorted seed or a fluke…or someone loves me and is sneaking California produce into my neighborhood!

That same someone is watching out for my weight–yellow watermelons have fewer calories.

I picked up some peaches, too, and what are likely to be the last local cherries this year. I have not decided whether they belong in a fruit salad, as originally planned, or a seasonal crumble. I’m stalling–pitting cherries sounds even worse than dicing up Braeburns for apple cake.

I had a craving for yuppie pizza, so I also got some squash. I sliced it super-thin with the mandolin (yes, using the guard) and layered it on top of some honey goat cheese. It made G barf from 2,500 miles away, but I thought it was delicious…


2 thoughts on “Eureka

  1. Gloria says:

    Jen – for about $9. you can buy a cherry pitter at WilliamSonoma which makes doing anything with cherries way more fun. I bought one this year and I can shoot pits about 6 feet.
    Good news about our girl!!

  2. 8junebugs says:

    Thanks, Gloria! I really should commit to a cherry-pitter. This is the first year I’ve cared about doing anything with cherries beyond rinsing them before I dig in.

    And it is the BEST. NEWS. EVER. (Those of you wondering, click over to I Hate Swiss Chard from the right nav.)

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