Wardrobe malpractice

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June 23, 2009 by 8junebugs

I’m endeavoring to let my low-rise jeans just go ahead and rise lowly today, and it’s driving me nutso. When they sit where (Gap says) they’re supposed to sit, they don’t fit the way (my ass says) they’re supposed to fit.

I finally located a Scrabble-tile necklace I bought about a year or forever ago, the pink one with the Keep Calm and Carry On poster on it, in miniature. People keep squinting to read it and then they compliment me on it, which is lovely, except it weighs nothing at all and I keep forgetting it’s there, and WHY ARE THEY SQUINTING AT ME?!

This shirt? Still one of my very favorites of all time. I have two pairs of non-black shoes that match it perfectly. I had three, but I had to put the pink ballet flats down this year. Fortunately, I still have a million and one pairs of black shoes I can wear with it! Thank heavens.

So, I’m wearing one of those non-black pairs of shoes, but they’re loafers and it’s summer, and I don’t want to wear real socks or go barefoot, so I’m wearing this sock-let thingies, these reinforced non-socks that are about two steps up from what they give you to try on shoes in shoe stores.

They are from hell. The only way they could perform this badly and not be from hell would be if I didn’t have heels on my feet, and my pedicure tech can vouch for the determined existence of my heels.

And she wouldn’t lie.

So the sock-let thingies? From hell.



*This post was brought to you by my current inability to see past the end of my nose. I’m a bit on the anxious side about things like real estate and the other estate, school assignments, and remembering to pack things like my toothbrush and driving directions for this weekend.


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