At the market: May 30 (FAIL)

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June 1, 2009 by 8junebugs

I stayed up way too late on Friday night. WAY too late. I was unable to haul my arse down to the neighborhood market until after 11.

It closes at noon.

There were no strawberries. I saw no asparagus. Gracie’s Pastries was nearly out of everything.

Mostly, I was there to get some meat for the week and some eggs, and I got those. Still, though, I am struggling with the lack of green and red in my fridge.

My garden seems to be trying to distract me by putting on quite a show:


Roma tomatoes...two plants. Coming up on 10 fruits, hidden amid crazy foliage.


One regular cuke that refuses to die (yay!) and three lemon cukes poking up.


The ripening, more growing.


Napa grape tomatoes, someday. This one has random growth spurts...


Peppers, which I don't plan to harvest until August, at this rate. Growing well, though.


Zucchini Jungle. Determined to ignore the trellis I built my own self to get the vines up out of the bin.


Two green bean plants, growing slowly but well.


More cucumbers. I hope. I sowed them directly to make up for the seedlings that didn't make it. I'll happily eat cucumbers for three meals a day if these work out.


Continuing herbal madness. Basil, chives, and parsley around the bottom, oregano in the middle top pot.

Elf sunflowers, the only flowers to which I committed — the more I read, the more I’d rather spend the soil and energy on food. They’re growing strongly, though, and should bloom in the next week or so, I think.

I did pick up some sage, rosemary, and thyme at the farmers market, but they haven’t had a chance to settle in — I’ll include them once they start growing on their own.

There will be additional rosemary —  someone in the neighborhood trimmed back the rosemary growing in her yard and had way too much to use, but she didn’t want to throw it away, so she came down and handed it out to the late-morning stragglers. I’m going to try to sprout one shoot and see how well it grows compared to the one I bought…the rest, I’ll use on some chicken tomorrow.

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