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May 27, 2009 by 8junebugs

Huh. Going by the change on my incorrect-but-consistently-so scale, eating mindfully has taken off about 4 or 5 pounds. I haven’t been exercising much since the Pinky Incident — any kind of pressure on the muscles in my right arm made me feel like all of my insides were going to shoot out through my wound.

Even so, two colleagues asked yesterday if I was losing weight, and I inadvertently lied to them. Sorry, guys.

More than anything, I’m still striving to eat a varied diet of of whole foods purchased as locally as possible. I’m still a little surprised by how easy that can be. I’m eating less, but I’m full, and the food tastes better. That could be totally subjective — I’m cooking a little differently and tweaking as I go, so it’s helpful to know which flavors work and which don’t. Food might have tasted just as good before, but I was paying less attention.

I doubt it, though.

(When I say “eating less,” I don’t mean I’m cutting back red meat, or carbs, or sugar, or any of the stuff the magazines tell you to cut back. I’m just trying to keep it simple and feed my body what it needs instead of what my troubled heart or stressed-out brain crave.)

I do need to eat more leafy greens. I may…may, I say, actually purchase some chard this weekend and see about making a quiche or something. I still haven’t cut out eggs entirely, even with the intolerance. And I’m starting to wonder if part of that intolerance is eating mass-produced eggs instead of the free-range, hippy eggs from local farms.

Only one way to find out!


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