Report: Still hearing-impaired

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March 25, 2009 by 8junebugs

I met with the otolaryngology guys today and managed not to giggle at the sweet, blond-bearded resident who handled the initial consultation before fetching the doctor whose name is on the business cards.

I love teaching hospitals.

It’s hard to answer some questions without going into overshare mode, though:

“This was diagnosed when? And why did you wait so long to follow up?”

“2004, I think? Um, I was married and…um. Well. We didn’t agree on the course of treatment, and surgery (which is my preference) would have interfered with potential travel plans at the time, and I originally had the test done to prove I wasn’t just not paying attention, and… Never mind. I’m here. What’s next?”


Both doctors concurred with the original diagnosis of otosclerosis, which they spell otosclorosis. Why both spellings are acceptable is beyond me.


Next steps are a new hearing test and a CT scan of the temporal bones — both are scheduled. After that I’ll see the specialist again and find out whether surgery’s indicated. If it is, the goal is still to have it completed by June. If it’s not, hearing aids will be purchased when I can afford ’em (insurance will only cover hearing aids after injury).


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