High tolerance for ambiguity


March 19, 2009 by 8junebugs

An executive I know recalled this “preferred quality” from an interview at a previous place of employment. It applies to our office and department, as well — I’m not sure I’ve ever worked at a place that didn’t require this tolerance, except UPS. Even Dairy Belle was always in some kind of flux — over the years, I trained several managers and one new owner (to say nothing of pubescent FHS students who had never heard of Huey Lewis and the News), and the next new owner was always right around the corner.

Perhaps because of this history with organizations that either reinvent themselves every 18 months or have limited resources, I’m pretty flexible. Also adaptable. I go with the proverbial flow.

You know. Most days.

I think the current funk I’m in may be because the flow? It extends past the line between work and home. Looking ahead, there are a bunch of things that need to happen or might happen, and virtually none of them have dates attached to them. And they’re all important.

All you people getting married this year? You are my favorite people right now because I know your wedding and related party dates and can plan around them. Ditto for the Avon Walk.

It’s the space between that seems alternately gaping and paper-thin.


2 thoughts on “High tolerance for ambiguity

  1. Flip-Flop says:

    Good description. I’ve been at my current locale for too long to have much experience but I know its required here. Did you hear about the 2 recent departures? One who I NEVER thought would leave. The other I doubt you know…she was after you.

  2. 8junebugs says:

    What?! No! Spill it!

    It’s less required with your boss, who is a quiet but forceful line between you and chaos.

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