Food fetish


March 6, 2009 by 8junebugs

My tasks this day are a little on the easy side, and the rest of my brain is completely consumed by thoughts of food. I think it’s because I keep forgetting to put string cheese in my lunch bag. EVERY DAY.

I reheated some broccoli soup from the freezer for lunch…it actually does freeze beautifully. I keep thinking that, at some point, I will look at this soup and think, “this needs cheese,” but it hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t even salted it, and I like my soups salty. (FWIW, there are far more than 4-6 servings in this recipe. I got about 10 out of it.)

Also, as much as I respect Molly and her recipes, she advocates for the full-fat version of just about everything. I have no problem using fat where it’s needed, but I did make the cream with nonfat sour cream and it’s perfectly fine. So, you know…don’t let a diet stop you. 🙂

I have a hankering to bake a bit this weekend — we’ll see how far it goes, given the mileage I need to get in and how nice the weather is supposed to be.

Aside from the Pennsylvania Dutch rolls I make around the holidays, which never seem to come out as right as they did the first time, I haven’t made bread in forEVER. My breadmaker died (a loud, horrible, clangy death), and, even though I only used it for dough, I don’t think I’ve made a proper loaf since. So I’m considering a little Maple White Bread. I like bread that can stand alone.

I do have an old standby bread recipe from my old Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her cookbook, but that bread needs a little something on it, and that’s always where I get into trouble.

I also want to try out Molly’s sweet potato pound cake recipe…this weekend, if possible, and mainly because I love all things sweet potato.

Except for the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows. I don’t understand putting marshmallows on vegetables, especially vegetables that are already criminally sweet.

(FYI: The way to my heart is through a plate of sweet potato fries. Not too crispy.)

I’ve also had a request for apple cake, which I only made at Christmas this year. I am seriously considering it, because I got to eat very little of that batch. The link I had to that recipe no longer works — I’ll check with the blogger I stole it from and post a link or the recipe eventually. (She changed her domain name so the page may still exist somewhere.)


2 thoughts on “Food fetish

  1. Alicia says:

    Apple cake! Apple cake! Apple cake! APPLE CAKE!!!!

    I have a serious craving for it.

  2. 8junebugs says:

    I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

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