Heads may roll


February 27, 2009 by 8junebugs

I have woken up cranky and stayed that way for two days in a row.

Really cranky. The kind of cranky that, back when I had PTO to spare, might have kept me home for a day to CALM THE EFF DOWN. The kind that makes me a little grateful, no matter how much I miss my boyfriend, that I still live alone and have to go out of my way to find someone to snap at.

Yesterday, after waking up cranky, I had my semi-annual dental cleaning at 8 a.m. I knew, going in, that I would need to change my name on my record, and, lo and behold, they have a DIY Patient Check-in computer in the waiting room, where I could…yeah, do it myself.

The catch was, once I was in the system to change my name, I couldn’t get out without answering seven pages of medical history.

No, I still do not have diabetes or, to my knowledge, mitral valve prolapse.

And then there were three pages of privacy blahblahblah that I had to “sign” before I could get on with the cleaning. The hygienist had already appeared, in her purple scrubs, and called my name — right after the first (and only important) name change screen! It was Priscilla, the best one in the office even if she is also an account rep for Invisalign. What if I took too long? What if she took someone else and I got the tiny chick who always harangues me about flossing but doesn’t soothe me with praise about my beautiful, fully functional wisdom teeth?!

Gah, the STRESS.

I did cheer up a bit. I’m doing something at work that is relatively fun, even though it is also relatively invisible. I’m used to that, though. (Generally, when I do my job right, it’s supposed to be seamless and invisible.) A meeting kept me late, though, and it was…tense. Being cranky, I considered stapling my lips shut to stay out of trouble, but I was also without chapstick yesterday and felt that my lips had already suffered enough.

I raced home — I had two packages waiting, and one had been waiting for a week because of all the traveling and late nights at the office, and I was NOT going to have to wait another day.

I mellowed over a dinner of a turkey burger on a multigrain English muffin and sauteed zucchini. (If you’ve never had a burger of any kind on an English muffin of any kind, you must try it. Really.) And then I started reading a “cookbook” that I’ll talk about in another post.

This morning, though, I awoke hating everything — all the world and everything in it. When I got to work, I was quickly reminded that the tech guys had upgraded the rest of my department to Office 2007 overnight; the more tech-savvy members of my team have had it for a while, and it’s…well, it’s an adjustment, if you’re not BFFs with your computer to begin with.

Can someone tell me why roll-out plans don’t include bridging the learning gap? Oh, won’t someone think of the USERS! And their STAFF! I love our IT guys, but…damn.

I think today is too tired to sleep.


One thought on “Heads may roll

  1. Alicia says:

    Great. Now I’m really looking forward to our walk tomorrow.

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