There was a game on?


February 2, 2009 by 8junebugs

I think last night may have been the first Super Bowl party in our crowd that was part playdate. The mini-people are gaining on the grown-ups, and I am totally okay with that.

(I wish I could blame one of them for spilling a full glass of red wine on a light beige carpet, but I can’t. Hooray for Resolve.)

See, I would have gone for Shotgun’s chili and guac. I would have gone just to hang out with my friends, watch for a wardrobe malfunction, and judge the commercials. But in addition to all that, I got to play with a toddler, cuddle the tallest 4-month-old in recent history, and coo over fraternal twins dressed in matching Ralph Lauren outfits.

The twins were a treat — their parents are friends of friends and I hadn’t seen either of them since last summer. I’ve been cooing over photos of the little ones for six months and was excited to finally meet them.

And it was lovely of their mom to bring those brownies…I recently complained about caterers frosting all brownies, but now it’s clear to me that brownies can and should be frosted, but ONLY with her homemade frosting. Imagine 0re0 creme was made with ingredients found in nature, and then blessed by angels. That’s what her frosting tastes like.

Stephen, my 4-month-old boyfriend, was as charming as always. I can’t imagine what we must look like to him — I don’t know what a 4-month-old’s visual range is, but there was a lot going on all over the place and he lasted longer than I would have. The poor little guy is so ready to move and play and try to keep up with his sister…he just has to wait for his body to catch up.

His sister and I had some quality Tickle Time. (I’m always grateful for ticklish kids — you can always entertain ticklish kids.) She’d stretch out on her tummy on the couch and I’d grab her feet and drag her back toward me. If I didn’t grab her feet right away, she’d start scooting backwards to keep the game moving. After the dragging came the tickling…and that’s how I worked off the Crack Dip.

(Don’t ask me what’s in the Crack Dip. I have blocked that information as unnecessary and possibly disturbing.)

I should rephrase my first line — the best part of the Super Bowl party was that it wasn’t a playdate. It was a party of adults, some of whom have kids and all of whom were okay with having kids around.

I remember being a young(er) adult and going to parties that became All About The Baby. All other conversation ended. Cooing and begging to hold the baby was reqired. Not cooing and begging to hold the baby meant you hated children and were probably a lesbian. Everyone was so careful and so focused and so attentive to the baby’s every audible whimper… It gave the impression that, once you had a kid, your entire existence was reduced to wiping up drool, and everyone else needed to adjust to your priorities when The Baby was around. This was daunting to someone who barely liked kids when she was one and didn’t figure out she wanted to be a mother until after everyone else seemed to think she should already be picking out baby names.

Of course, now that my maternal instinct is active, I have placed it in lockdown…

So thank you to all of my friends (and their friends) for practicing Accessible Parenting, for maintaining your non-kid-related relationships, and for continuing to care about other stuff while you’re taking on a very difficult and rewarding job. You make parenting look kind of fun, and you let me think I might be able to hack it someday.

And, um, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and stuff.


6 thoughts on “There was a game on?

  1. Kath says:

    If only being a lesbian meant you didn’t want to hold babies 🙂 That would have saved me from the past two and a half years of “biological clock” and “sperm donor” conversations , graphic descriptions of labor from the point of view of a medical student, and “what year of residency would it be best to be pregnant” debates . . . Amazingly these conversations coincided almost precisely with Amy turning 28.

  2. 8junebugs says:

    If only being straight meant you did. 😉 And that being female meant getting pregnant was guaranteed, motherhood always made sense, and parenting had the support of the federal and state governments.

    When I grow up, I want to live in a margarine commercial.

  3. Jessica Albert says:

    Thank you (and by extention the rest of the crowd) for being so accepting and accommodating. It’s a fine line to walk to encourage people to hold/play with the kids without feeling like they HAVE to.

    We like our kids and we like sharing them with our friends… and we like the fact that we still have friends that are OURS and who would be ours with or without kids. I hope that makes sense.

    Anyway, thanks for playing with Sabrina and for holding Stephen. You allowed Kev and I to get a little adult time in and for that I am truly grateful!

  4. Jessica Albert says:

    It’s the Tide commercials that always seem the most idyllic to me… but the margerine commercials can be more sexy.

  5. 8junebugs says:

    My pleasure! (Obviously.) I apologize for handing Stephen off to Kurt for a bit — that was for my own amusement.

    Maybe…Walgreens commericals? Are those the ones with the kids with the rosiest cheeks?

    Tide should sponsor my neighborhood for the Spring months — that’s when all the little girls in pigtails come out in their lovely smocked dresses.

  6. Amy says:

    I am totally partial to the old cotton commercials…

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