Why isn’t this year over already?


December 4, 2008 by 8junebugs

I know. I’ve been quieter than usual. I blame a major site launch at work, some personal and professional drama, and the engrossing nature of my current knitting project.

No offense. I mean, my knitting is orange and fuzzy, and you’re not.

Frankly, I am flat exhausted. It seems silly and a gross understatement, given the course of this year, but things are Not Going My Way. It could be 3,000 times worse, but I suppose I have become so accustomed to the shit hitting the fan and coming out sunshine and roses on the other side that I am inordinately offended by delayed emotional reimbursement.

Thanksgiving resolution: Eliminate unnecessary drama from my life. I’d been doing pretty well, I thought — in fact, I voluntarily opened my life up for complication, which must mean I thought I could handle it. But I’ve got enough going on and I just don’t need any added stress right now. So I’m going to dial it back and, as they say, keep to my knitting.

I do have some news… I’ve signed up for two dance classes beginning in January: Beginning Ballet and Modern Dance. I have gone from being a Dancer to being a Dancer Who Spins Weapons While Jazz-Running to being a Goddamn Kultz. It’s time to stop mourning my lost grace and body-awareness and slap on a leotard.

Or, you know, an adult version of a leotard for a self-conscious carb addicts.

Anyone else not-so-gently nudging 2008 out the door?


One thought on “Why isn’t this year over already?

  1. Alicia says:

    2008 can suck it. Ballet will be awesome.

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