Culinary adventure #1

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November 27, 2008 by 8junebugs

I did not, alas, make a glaze for the sweet potatoes as directed.

I may, however, have made ginger toffee. Time will tell.

You see, everything was going fine until the smoke alarm went off. The smoke alarm in this apartment goes off if you boil water, and I usually anticipate it. This time, though, it went off right at the point when the crap in my pot turned into a lovely, melty glaze. Freaked out by the yowling circle of plastic, I turned my head for one second…and turned back to a science experiment that had to be taken outside.

I tried the glaze again, but my confidence was shot and my time was dwindling, and I made something akin to what my Grand used to use to make the wretched Halloween popcorn balls. The kind I luckily got out of eating because of my braces.

Maple syrup to the rescue!

The yamsies are in the oven roasting merrily (I hope), and I am off to shower.

We will not speak of how I, again, forgot to put the salt in the dough for The Rolls. I am in an emotional state, and such could be my undoing.


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