Reasons why today is Monday six ways from Sunday

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October 20, 2008 by 8junebugs

1. Divorce = paperwork. I used to have a thing for filling out forms (I was an odd child), but college applications beat it right out of me. Divorce also = uncomfortable interactions with the person from whom you are trying to legally untangle yourself. This, it must be said, is unpleasant for all involved.

2. I have been doing some math and realizing that, although there is a marriage penalty in the United States and it reaped the benefits of my now-ending union, there’s also a penalty for success — you jump tax brackets faster when you’re single. I’m not switching political parties or anything, but I am less excited to change my filing status than I have been. That said, he’ll do a fair bit better.

3. I have some thinking to do and some big pro/con lists to make. Usually, I can anticipate the outcome of these, but today I am less clairvoyant. I think I need a little trip to the gym to clear my head a bit. And a robust Excel spreadsheet.


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